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IPSASB Mid-Period Work Program Consultation

| Exposure Drafts and Consultation Papers
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The International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board® (IPSASB®) has published a Consultation Document that seeks your input in determining what projects are most important to you in delivering the Strategy and Work Plan 2019-2023. 

The IPSASB has prioritized projects by applying the project prioritization criteria in the Strategy, and drawing on stakeholder feedback obtained during its development. The IPSASB will commence the new projects as resources become available through the completion of the existing projects.  

Projects Proposed


Your input into this process will help the IPSASB make its final decisions on the projects that should be added to its Work Program when resources become available. Please submit your responses by November 302021 to ensure your views are considered. 

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Submitted Comment Letters

  1. Mouna Churbaji (63.05 KB)
  2. ASB (141.12 KB)
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  4. XRB (328.14 KB)
  5.  (Australia)
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  7.  (Japan)
  8.  ()
  9. ACCA and PAFA (302.91 KB)
     (United Kingdom)
  10.  (India)
  11. Accountancy Europe (129.33 KB)
  12. Ernst & Young (121.6 KB)
  13. ICAEW (149.27 KB)
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  15.  ()
  16.  (Canada)
  17. ICPAK (207.46 KB)
  18.  ()
  19. CNoCP (141.17 KB)