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Study 4 - Using the Work of Other Auditors - A Public Sector Perspective

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This Study addresses using the work of other auditors, including both other external and internal auditors, in financial attest and compliance audits. It considers the matters an auditor has to take into consideration when using the work of another auditor and provides a public sector perspective to International Standard on Auditing (ISA) 600 "Using the Work of Another Auditor" and ISA 610 "Considering the Work of Internal Auditing."

The Study considers the principles stated in the ISAs noted above and describes their applicability to the public sector. It also discusses some of the particular issues arising in the public sector when a principal auditor considers using the work of another auditor. The areas discussed deserving special attention are the autonomy of different tiers of government, the differing mandates of Higher Audit Institutions (HAI), and the particular problems surrounding using the work of other auditors in an international context.

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