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Study 2 - Elements of the Financial Statements of National Governments

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This Study considers the elements (types or classes of financial information) to be reported in financial statements prepared under the different bases of accounting that may be employed by national governments and their major units and the way in which those elements may be defined. It also considers the implications of reporting particular elements, or subsets thereof, for the messages communicated by financial statements and the achievement of the objectives identified in Study 1.

The Study aims to assist in developing the full potential of the accounting models currently employed in individual jurisdictions to communicate financial information to users. That is useful for accountability and decision making purposes.

This Study focuses on reporting the elements in the financial statements prepared for national governments. However, it is acknowledged that aspects of the delivery of goods and services and the achievement of government objectives will in some cases, be best achieved through the display of financial or non-financial information in notes, schedules or statements other than the statement of financial position or statement of financial performance in the financial report.

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