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Call for Nominations for the IPSASB Consultative Advisory Group

The International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board (IPSASB) is seeking nominations of representatives from organizations, or individuals, interested in serving as a member of the IPSASB Consultative Advisory Group (CAG).

The IPSASB is an independent standard-setting body that serves the public interest by developing high-quality public sector financial reporting standards. Background information on the IPSASB and its agenda can be found on the IPSASB website.

The CAG’s objective is to provide a forum where the IPSASB consults representatives of public and private sector organizations, or individuals, that are interested in or affected by the development and maintenance of high-quality international public sector accounting standards and the quality, consistency, and transparency of public sector financial reporting worldwide.

The CAG provides advice on the IPSASB’s strategy, work program and agenda; on its projects, including key technical issues or matters that may impede the adoption or effective implementation of IPSASs; and on other matters of relevance to its standards-setting activities. The IPSASB’s interactions with the CAG will form an important part of IPSASB’s standards-setting due process.

CAG Members serve an initial term of three years. The CAG will typically meet twice a year prior to the meetings of the IPSASB. Each CAG meeting will typically last one day. Members of the CAG or the organizations they represent meet their own travel and accommodations costs. Details of the role and operating procedures of the CAG are more fully set out in the CAG’s Terms of Reference. The inaugural meeting of the CAG is provisionally planned for June 2016 in Toronto, Canada.

Nominations may be submitted by organizations or individuals. The nominated individuals should be knowledgeable about international public sector accounting standards, and related issues, and have an interest therein.

The IPSASB is particularly interested in nominations of users of public sector financial reports and representatives of governments and other public sector entities, including preparers.

Nominations are also encouraged from parliamentarians, public sector auditors, regulators, non-governmental organizations, and other regional and international organizations.

Nominations from Africa, Middle East, Asia, and Latin America are particularly encouraged.

The final membership selection will be made in early 2016 taking into account the relevance of the organization, and the background and experience of the nominated individual, to the mandate of the CAG, as well as the desire to keep the overall size of the CAG at a level conducive to effective dialogue.  

Organizations or individuals are asked to make their interest to participate in the IPSASB CAG know by submitting a nomination by email at The nomination should include the CV and contact details of the individual whom is proposed to serve on the CAG.

All applications should be submitted before February 19, 2016.

For inquiries, please contact James Gunn, Managing Director, Professional Standards:

Call for Nominations for the IPSASB Consultative Advisory Group
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